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Welcome to Ask The Makeup Diva™! Our resident expert, The Makeup Diva, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Q: Can you offer any suggestions for eye makeup application?

A: This spring, luminous shadow colors mimic those of the blossoms soon to appear on trees and bushes. Take advantage of these bright, fresh hues for a look that's feminine, soft, and sexy. "Pretty" has returned in full splendor!

Add staying power to your shadow by beginning with a dependable base such as Stila Eye Concealer ($16 at or Ultima II Fade Not, Crease Not ($13.50 at ULTA). Apply over entire lid to browbone and let "set" momentarily.

Blue, green, gold, pink, and lavender abound, but coverage is light, almost transparent. Tones of violet are wildly popular, as they flatter almost everyone. Try this: Sweep a sheer lilac hue from lashes to browbone. To add definition, apply a more vivid tone from the center of your lid to the end. Finally, contour with a smoky shade in the crease of your eyelid, brushing slightly upward and outward. Hard Candy Quartets in "Techno" and "Star" combine unique, eclectic tones to achieve stunning effects ($35.00 at Another way to achieve this look is with Estee Lauder Floating Color for Eyes, a triple-color compact, in "Energy" (at department stores or for $28.50).

Exercise moderation here: Glimmer can enhance but also age you, accentuating lines and creases. Teenage cosmetics contain large glitter particles, so opt for an adult line to keep your glow low-voltage. One further precaution: Make sure you stay away from shadows with a yellow, red, or orange undertone, as they will cause you to look tired or even ill.

Muted liner is essential: With a soft pencil or your deepest shadow and an angled brush, edge the color along your upper and lower lash lines. An artist's secret: Dab a bit of a glowing vanilla or light pink shadow in the middle of your lids, directly above your pupil, and on your browbone - eyes will appear "wide awake," even if you're not.

Next, crimp lashes with a curler and follow with an excellent mascara. Lancome Definicils in "Black" (at department stores or Cosmetic Mall for $20.00) applies flawlessly, eliminates clumps, and finds every lash. BeneFit Cosmetics mascara in "Eggplant" defines yet remains soft, lush ($14.00 at Max Factor Lashfinity long-wearing color (about $6.50 at drugstores) is a multi-purpose product: It lengthens, separates, plumps, and stays in place from morning through evening.

Your brows frame your face: Use a pliable pencil in a natural shade to gently fill in sparse areas (I like Hard Candy Training Brow Kit, as it includes two mixable colors, tweezers, and brushes - $28.00 at Another excellent alternative: Maybelline classic Expert Eyes Brow and Liner Pencils, available in a wide range of tones, for around $2.89 at drugstores and supermarkets. Brush brows slightly upward and outward to "open up" the eye area. Follow with Tweezerman Browmousse ($7.00) to hold stray hairs (find this locally or at Cosmetic Mall).

Finally, don't forget that a great makeup application comes from great brushes. Bobbi Brown, Profaces, Estee Lauder, Philosophy, Revlon, and many other lines offer professional-quality brushes. Although these may be pricey, they're definitely worth the investment.

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