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Ask The Makeup Diva
Welcome to Ask The Makeup Diva™! Our resident expert, The Makeup Diva, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Q: How do you get rid or hide dark circles under eyes? How do you choose the right undereye concealer to cover dark circles? Are there any skin treatments that can be done to minimize them?

A: The beauty industry has made huge strides in prevention and coverage of dark circles. But first, you need to address the cause of your circles. You may have very thin skin and inherited this trait. However, too much sodium, stress, fatigue, allergies, heavy eye creams, fluid retention, and alcohol all contribute to the problem. Old but pertinent advice: Eat well, drink as much water as you can possibly imbibe, get enough sleep, and ensure your body is receiving the abundance of vitamins and minerals required to keep you beautiful!

Log on to ULTA to purchase Vita-K Solution for Dark Circles Under Eyes ($10.49), Andrea Under Eye Circle Complex ($5.99), or Ultima II Glowtion Brighten Up, Tighten Up pink-tinted cream ($20, a personal favorite). These products are effective because they contain all-natural ingredients which soothe, smooth, make skin more taut, and diffuse light, thus perfecting its appearance. While using concealers, remember: Corrective bases now come in colors. Beige works best on dark circles, green concealer masks redness, and lavender or pink brightens dull skin. These are available in one compact from CCB Paris; get their catalog and purchase all shades in one compact for the amazing price of $6.75! Always apply any eye product by gently patting on, using your ring finger, as it exerts the least pressure. For expert application, use a brush.

One last thing: Several friends recommended I try Diane Young cosmetics and skin care (available on QVC), and I did. I was so impressed with this line that I temporarily "lost my mind" and spent $47.50 (ouch!) for their beige concealer wand. Yet I'll do it again. It surpasses any concealer I've ever tried; possessing healing ingredients, it slips on like satin, completely covering circles and anything else you care to disguise.

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