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Welcome to Ask The Makeup Diva™! Our resident expert, The Makeup Diva, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Q: I just got Coppertone's Endless Summer Self-Tanning Lotion Light/Medium. The only thing I am interested in really tanning is my face, and I want it to look natural. Is this a good product to try?

A: Usually, the best route to go for faces is to pick a self tanner designed expressly for your complexion. I've used, and liked, Coppertone's formula, but I feel it would be more appropriate for the body because of a breakout risk. Neutrogena makes a very nice facial self-tanner, as does Clarins. However, you have so many options for your face. You can use a powder bronzer for temporary, natural-looking color. Consider trying Hoola by Benefit (at, Wet and Wild's Powder Bronzer, or Morning Sun by Clarins. I also love gel formulas, and have been a big fan of Bonne Bell's gel bronzer for years. Lastly, BeneFit makes a product called Glamazon, which totally rocks. It is a liquid bronzer that blends beautifully, and looks very natural. Choices, choices! Just do a bit of experimenting, and you'll find the formula that works best for your skin type.

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