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Welcome to Ask The Makeup Diva™! Our resident expert, The Makeup Diva, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Q: I am 40 years old and have acne prone/combination skin along with some scarring. What foundation would provide me with maximum coverage and not look cakey?

A: The product that comes to mind is called Covermark. It's a professional-finish foundation especially created to conceal scars, blemishes, injuries, and other flaws. If you visit the Covermark site (, you'll find that they offer a specially priced foundation set - two tubes of base in your skin tone, which you mix to achieve a precise match for yourself. This set ($30) includes setting powder as well. The foundation is waterproof, wearproof, smudgeproof. A coverstick (for undereye circles, blemishes, and other flaws) is available for $12 in a wide variety of shades.

Moreover, Covermark has used the same patented formulation for their blush pot (three shades which you can mix and match for $20) and tri-eyeshadow pot (also $20). If acne and/or oily skin are still a problem, the company offers a thorough makeup remover/cleanser ($12), astringent ($13), alcohol-free toner ($13), and a wide variety of moisturizers, from light to heavy, to soothe and smooth.

Covermark reminds me of Dermablend, another professionally created crème to cover blemishes sold exclusively at J. C. Penney Department Stores and their subsidiary, Eckerd Drugs. I've used Dermablend on many occasions and have finally gotten good at applying it - it is scooped from the container with a small spatula, warmed on your hand, and then applied to conceal. When my affectionate dog recently attempted to "hug" me, he accidentally clawed the side of my nose. Only Dermablend and its setting powder, properly applied, camouflaged the resulting injury. I was so pleased that I began to use it under my eyes for an all-day concealer.

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