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Welcome to Ask The Makeup Diva™! Our resident expert, The Makeup Diva, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Q: What are the best products for filling in eyebrows without looking overly dramatic and fake? I've tried using a pencil and it looks too harsh. I also want something fast and easy. What do you recommend?

A: To keep your brows from looking fake and overly made-up, always use small, light strokes of brow color so it looks more like hair than a dark line. I prefer brow powders to pencils because they are easier to control and look less severe. Here are a few I recommend:

Hard Candy Training Brow
Training Brow comes with two brow powder shades, a mini angled brush, mini mascara wand brush, and mini tweezers all in a small, square mirrored compact. This kit is perfect for travel and fits easily into a purse or makeup bag. The brushes are pretty small and really shouldn't replace full sized brushes for everyday use, but for travel, it's perfect. The two powder shades let you mix and match or blend the two to create the best color for your brows.

The Body Shop Eyebrow Makeup
Eyebrow Makeup is a waxy powder that comes in a refillable case with a small mirror and angled brush. The included brush is fine for travel or touch-ups away from home, but for everyday use at home, I'd use a thinner brush for more precision and control, like MAC's #22 or Stila's #10.

Stila Brow Filler/Definer
Although these colors look just like eye shadows, they actually have more pigment, so you need less and the color will last longer. Just like other powders, simply fill in the bare spots of your brows with a small amount of color applied with a stiff, angled brush. These two shades from Stila are natural and go well with most coloring.

After applying the color, brush through it with an old toothbrush, a clean mascara wand style brush (MAC #24, for example), or a stiff, angled makeup brush. Finally, set the color with a coat of a clear brow gel like Origins Brow Fix to keep the hairs in place. You can even do the gel by itself if you don't need or want any color.

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